Some of Our important Programs:

One health cadre is developed from each of the groups. The cadre is trained on health & hygiene from the KPUS training cell. The cadre disseminates her acquired knowledge to the group members in their weekly meeting. KPUS supplies tube-wells and water-seal latrines either free of cost or by loan among the group members and other families under the working area. For this reason, a village sanitation centre has been set-up with the financial assistance of the NGO- FORUM.

The poor people especially our women can- not avail the opportunity of the legal helps through the existing laws of the country. KPUS is helping the widows and oppressed people to get legal helps for socio- economical injustice. In the current financial year it has provided monetary and over all helps to 15 court cases and 32 mediations for the target people.

Handloom factory is an income generating activities for the beneficiaries and the organization. During 2003-2004 handloom factory was formed on the land donated by KPUS and with the financial aid assisted by CIDA. At present, it is being conducted as a profit making company with the own fund of KPUS. The longi which is produced in this factory is sold in the market and is made so much profit in which 20% is being used for welfare trust/ service sector of the labors and 30% for income generating activities after every 06 months or is distributed after 01 year. The rest 50% profit is deposited in the own funds of KPUS, which will be used for making more than one factory next.

For the decreasing balance of the environment, KPUS provides road- said plantation and homestead gardening programme under social forestry. A plant nursery is made by the Organization to distribute disburse interest the plants among the group members.

During the period of natural calamity , the organization supplies food , medicine , clothes, and pure - drinking water on emergency basis .At the end of the calamity / disaster the organization free loan for the affected people in order to rehabilitate.

Credit Programe:

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Present Activities

KPUS works through the target Groups. The members of the target groups are baseless people especially the distressed women. These groups are called primary groups. On the basis of their standard of living the structures of the groups have been formed in order to makes certain of their participation in the social & family policy decision making processes, empowerment and socio- economical development. Primary Groups are called alternative institutions. KPUS has formed 365 groups with 9,445 members over 32 unions of Kushtia sadar, Kumarkhali & Khaksha thana under Kushtia district. At present there are 2 male groups with 45 male members and 363 female groups with 9,400 female members. The group members have so for saved (Group savings) Tk. 1,78,89,325. The Organization has disbursed Tk. 52,27,29,000.00 among 42,622 group members from various Donar ageneies along with PKSF and self belonging fund. The loan re-covery rate is 99.43%.

Area Coverage

District Thana union Village
Kushtia Kumarkhali 11 77
Kushtia Kushtia Sador 07 35
Kushtia Doulotpu 02 10
Kushtia Khaksha 03 12
Razbari Pangsha 04 15
Jhenidah Horina kundo 02 08


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