KPUS has a 21 General Committee members. The committee holds the supreme authority for policy making of the organization. The members of the General committee elect a 9 members executive committee for management / administration of the organization as per the constitution and the decision of the general committee.

Staffs & Officers:

KPUS leads the organization combining the physical structure and human resources development plan. There is a key staffs and officers in every branches so that they may be able to lead the organization as well as the activities smoothly in the field level. The chain of command is the main mechanism in operating the organizational activities. The head office maintains all sorts of branches in every phase. Recruitment, suspension, punishment etc. are controlled under head office. The programs implemented by a team of 134 regular and 20 part time staff including parent organization, schools, handloom factory and water & sanitation program’s staffs which leaded by the Director. Among regular staff there are 44 female and 90 male in the organization. Some of the important Management officers are given below:

Adv. Mostofa Tazmal

Vice Chairman, KPUS

Md. Enamul Haque

Director, KPUS

Mrs. Sabina Jafor

Treasurer, KPUS

Our Membership

Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh (ADAB)
Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST).
NGO-Forum for Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation.
Credit and Development Forum (CDF).
Partner Organization PKSF.

Our team

HMd. Enamul Haque
Md. Amzad Hossain
Mr. Topan Kumar Ray
Md. Shohel Rana
Md. Giash Uddin
Mohsena Akter Shumi
Md. Rasel Uddin
Shahidul Islam

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